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Each year, over 50,000 people learn the gut-wrenching news that they have a brain tumor - beginning a long and exhausting treatment process. Millions are spent each year on surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, and drug treatment cocktails, in the hope of beating the insidious effects of these devastating tumors. What is especially heart-breaking is the effect it has on children.

So often, cutting-edge medical research is done in secrecy, locked away in labs and kept private until an expensive drug is manufactured and sold for major profit. The Trustees at The Nia-Tesa Blackett Foundation believe that there is power in sharing information, and we intend to be the first charity of its kind to create an open-source platform where data is made available for clinicians, researchers, neurosurgeons, and anyone in the field that could potentially unlock that lifesaving vaccine or cure.

To find that cure, a cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facility, unlike any other in the world, is needed. We will need to raise £20 million to construct such a facility in beautiful Barbados, filling the walls with neuroscience's practitioners from around the world who will share their expertise and their findings in a truly collaborative effort. The research will focus on stem-cell technology, optides technology and bio-nanotechnology as well as other innovative pathways, with the goal of a license academic patent for a vaccine or range of drug protocols with efficacy on the over 260 known types of brain tumors.

While working toward our research facility and open-source data pool platform, The Nia-Tesa Blackett Foundation will fund two neuroscience researchers as a part of a two-year grant program. These researchers will work on rare brain tumors focusing on hydrocephalus and shunts, with a goal of developing new protocols for hydrocephalus treatment in children and for the brain cancer patient.

Additionally, we want to provide caregivers who are giving of themselves to care for a loved one, opportunities for a holiday to Barbados as well as other financial tokens as a way of showing appreciation for the work they do. The Nia-Tesa Blackett Foundation will also provide free home monitors to caregivers of brain tumor patients to allow their dedicated carers to have a constant eye on their loved ones while functioning in other rooms of the home, giving them peace of mind while allowing them to carry out other necessary daily task.

We are actively seeking stakeholders and partners for The Nia-Tesa Blackett Foundation to raise the needed £20 million, because we believe that this is a golden opportunity for our partners and stakeholders to join in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to see this valuable research work advance.

A cure is out there, and we need solid partnership to find it.

Donations of all sizes are both important and necessary but your voice and input are equally important.

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